As our kids were growing up, we were always pleased that we had a family dinner most every night. When our son left for college it wasn’t a tremendous adjustment meal-wise, mostly one fewer list of likes and dislikes. Last year when our daughter went away to college we ran out and bought brussels sprouts. (I know we are pathetic.) No more “I don’t like this or that,” or the temptation to make two or three different versions of the same meal, which I have been known to do.
So now, after a summer of having our daughter at home, enjoying all of her wonderful dishes, it’s back to just the two of us. We tend to eat casually, lots of vegetables and without a carb on the side most nights. Of course we still snack on chips or crackers sometimes before dinner. When making a grocery list and shopping at the store we plan a few meals and figure we’ll have leftovers a night or so. Portions are a bit of a problem. How much milk to buy? Enough for cereal, but not so much that the carton will spoil before we finish it. I’ve taken to buying the quart size, even two at a time, if they have good sell dates, and then we always have a spare, but not too much open at once.
And then there are nights like tonight (and two nights ago) when my husband has business dinners and I’m down to cooking for one. Now I love salmon and could eat it every night, but my husband likes to have variety in his fish entrees. So my plan was to go to Trader Joe’s and get ‘just salmon’ and eat it on some lettuce the two nights. Well, they didn’t have the salmon, so I decided to buy a nice piece of salmon and cooked it the first ‘bachelorette’ night. Just a few minutes sauted in a non-stick frying pan with some bottled sauce. The other
night I had it with salad and tonight with leftover brussels sprouts. Now, isn’t that a lonely (but healthy) looking dish?
Don’t fret, I had a piece of chocolate for dessert.

By the way, my dill plant doesn’t look too happy.
Happy cooking – even for one!