I visited Alyssa at college last weekend. We had a few bites of the dry poppy seed cake. It was tasty, but not worth eating, so we tossed the whole lot out. A friend suggested that we double-bake them and make a biscotti, but they were already in the dumpster. When I got home I went to the store, bought the ingredients and made another batch which is now on its way to Alyssa. The Betty Crocker yellow cake mix I used for the first mix did indeed have pudding mix in it, but I found a Duncan Hines butter cake that didn’t advertise pudding. I added the water this time and the batter actually looked like batter.

The large pudding box was more than 4 1/2 oz. so I left a little out, but I could have just put it all in.

Happy Cooking!
P.S. My indoor dill plant died right away. Anyone know how to grow dill?