Hello Blog Followers,
First I would like to thank everyone who has been following my mother and I as we scribble away about our love of cooking. Mom is actually on a trip right now, which is why you haven’t heard from her recently, and I have been super busy with school, which is why you haven’t heard from me.
After our blog has been up for 3 months, with 30 entires we can submit it to the website Food Blog Search. It would be an honor to be on this search engine, and there are several requirements that our blog has to meet.
When my dad first looked at the blog, he really liked it, but he seemed to take issue with the name. He thought it was too long, and said that it should be more interesting. Now I actually kind of like the name of our blog, I think it’s quaint and to the point, and it reaches more than one audience.
I’ve been toying around with several names, but I wanted to know what the readers think. I’m thinking I should just call the blog “The Happy Spatula” or “Happy Spatulas” and maybe one day (in my dreams) if I open a restaurant, it can also follow a “Happy Spatula” name. What does everyone think?
Keep the old? Make it new?
I want feedback!
Love and Happy Spatulas,
PS. Just did a google search for Happy Spatula, and there already is a food blog with that name, so maybe if I do “Happy Spatulas” since there are two of us?