Cranberries are a great dish to make the night before thanksgiving, I’ll let you know at the end of the recipe what to do when they’re cooked.

Don’t be fooled by the name of these cranberries, they aren’t as sweet as you would imagine, in fact they are actually quite tart, but if you want, you can add more sugar to the mix to make them sweeter! Although these may be tart, everyone at our table seemed to enjoy them.

I like to just throw everything in the pot with my cranberries, although it may not be the “proper” way to cook them, it’s the “easiest” way for me.
Cinnamon Brown Sugar Cranberries
2 Bags Cranberries
1 Medium Sized Quince (or green apple) Finely Chopped (not minced, not diced)
1-2 Cinnamon Sticks (depending on how much you want, I used one)
1 Cup Light Brown Sugar
2 Tablespoons Freshly Grated Orange Zest
2-2.5 Cups Water (Depends on if you feel like adding a few extra cranberries or not)
You’ll need a medium-large sized pot, and you should start by putting in the cranberries and quince. Then you can stick the cinnamon stick in, and pour the sugar on top with the orange zest. That should look a little like this:
Once all of these ingredients are in the pot, all you need to do is pour in the water, turn the heat on a medium heat, stir everything together, cover your pot and step aside for 10-15 minutes.
Keep your eye on the pot, but don’t hover over it. You should hear the cranberries bursting, you should smell the flavors melding, but make sure you’re letting it do it’s own thing. Check after about 10 minutes, make sure things are mixing well (e.g. the quince and the cranberries). We don’t have the lightest picture of the cranberries when they’re done, but it should look a bit like jam.
When the cranberries are done, let the mixture cool on the countertop, this will give them time to set, and then they’ll start to really look like cranberries. When they are cool, store the cranberries in a plastic or glass storage container.
I believe we used a jar this year. No one really enjoys “hot” cranberries, so it really is best to make them the night before so they can be served cold, or room temperature if you prefer.
If you like your cranberries sweeter, you can add another half cup of sugar, but they shouldn’t be too sweet or else they will overpower the other flavors on your Thanksgiving table. Also if they look done in the pan, taste them to make sure they are the right flavors, you can always melt a little more sugar in the mixture if they aren’t sweet enough.
Love and Happy Spatulas,