A couple of years ago, Alyssa started roasting asparagus. We all fell in love with this wonderful creation. The roasting process draws out and concentrates the flavor of the asparagus and they are just DELICIOUS! We used to steam our asparagus, which is a bit healthier, but the roasted variety is so yummy and uses just a bit of oil. The vitamins probably stay intact as well. After treating us to roasted asparagus, Alyssa moved on and roasted broccoli florets — also delicious although a bit tricky as the pieces are uneven sizes and some get a little crisp. Recently Dan and I discussed roasting brussels sprouts. We like them and Alyssa does not, so since she will be home for winter break soon, I decided I better make them so we could enjoy them before she gets home.

I figured that it was best to cut the brussels sprouts in half. I trimmed off the ends and cut each in half. I even quartered some of the larger pieces. I spread the sprouts on a baking sheet covered with foil. Then I drizzled a little light olive oil, sprinkled a bit of kosher salt and ground some fresh pepper over the sprouts. Next, you have to just use your hands and mix the ingredients. As Alyssa would say, “don’t be shy, just dig in and do it”. It does not coat well enough if you move it around with a spoon or spatula, so just use your hands.
Roast in a pre-heated oven at 475° for 10 minutes.
Now there was a problem I anticipated, but didn’t act to prevent. When you cut the brussels sprouts in half, some of the leaves fall off. These stragglers started to crisp and burn in about 5 minutes. I rescued them, placed them in a bowl and returned the baking sheet to the oven for the remaining 5 minutes. They were actually quite good. That concentrated flavor is just irresistible. What I should have done is to hold back those loose leaves and just added them in after about 7 minutes of cooking.
Even if you don’t like brussels sprouts, give these a try. The flavor is sooooo good!
Happy Cooking!