One of my favorite beef dishes is brisket. My mother used to make a wonderful brisket with onion soup mix and curry powder. Several years ago one of my cousins made a fabulous bbq flavored brisket and my family fell in love. I made this brisket to celebrate Alyssa’s return home for winter break and the last night of Hanukah.

1 large (3-4 lbs.) or 2 small (1-2 lbs. each) brisket
1 jar chili sauce
1 onion soup packet, dry
2 cups red wine
1 can ginger ale
Heat oven (regular, not convection) to 350°. I sometimes have a problem getting brisket cooked to the tender stage. Although I’m not sure, it may be because I have used the convection setting. With this setting you aren’t supposed to cover the pan. I consulted several recipes and some say to cover, others, not. You need to add enough sauce to cover the meat. Sometimes I have put carrots and potatoes alongside the brisket after about an hour of cooking. I think this may have crowded the meat and robbed it of its ability to cook to the tender stage. This time we weren’t using potatoes as we were making latkes (potato pancakes) and I decided to roast the carrots separately.
Mix chili sauce, onion soup packet and wine in a bowl. Place brisket in roasting pan. I spray the pan first with a cooking spray, so it will be easier to clean. Pour mixture over brisket. Add can of ginger ale. Cover with foil and bake for 3 – 4 hours, until tender when piercing with a large fork.
It’s best to make brisket a day or two ahead. When it is cooked, take the brisket out of the pan and place on a plate or cutting board. After it cools a bit, cut while it is still warm. My husband says it’s easier to cut warm than cold. Brisket needs to be cut in moderately thin slices, against the grain. Place covered or wrapped-up in the refrigerator. Once the leftover sauce cools, pour it into a saucepan. Place this pan in the refrigerator. You

have to make some room in your fridge for these bulky items. The next day you can skim off the fat that rises to the top of the sauce and re-heat the sauce, now gravy, to serve with the brisket. You can re-heat the slices and gravy in a pan in the oven, place the slices in a glass or ceramic roasting pan, pour over the gravy, cover with waxed paper or plastic wrap and heat in the microwave or pour the gravy into a large frying pan, add the slices and heat on the stove. Yum! Mine came out nice and tender this time. It was a bit salty, however. Maybe I’ll try using sliced onions instead of the onion packet next time.
Happy Cooking