As you know, my Aunt Tania is one of my favorite cooks. She makes the most decadent food, and she tries her best to make it look effortless. When she served me this leek soup, I was astounded at the flavor that could come out of a simple 7 ingredients (including water).

The most difficult thing about this recipe is the Roux.
Simple Leek Soup
4 Leeks
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1- 1.5 Cups Water
2-3 Tablespoons Vegetable or Chicken Bouillon (I use the Better than Bouillon jar)
3-4 Cups Milk, I use Non-fat milk, but 2% is fine.
White Pepper, to your liking
For the Roux:
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1/2 Tablespoons Flour
Start by cleaning the leeks, cut them into very thin half moons, and float them in a bowl of water. This lets the dirt sink below the sliced leeks, and is the easiest way to clean leeks if you are cutting them small. Once the leeks are clean, dry them with a tea cloth, dish towel or paper towel, then heat up some olive oil in a large soup pot, and begin to wilt the leeks. If it helps, you can wilt them a little at a time, and add more leeks as they cook down. Once all of the leeks have wilted and softened, add as much water as you see fit, the flavor will come with the Bouillon, so don’t worry about putting in too much water, but stay between 1 cup and 1.5 cups. Once you’ve added the water cook on a low heat until you have a mixture that measures about an inch and a half high. Then you can add the Bouillon to your taste, and 3-4 cups of milk. Bring the ingredients to a boil, and when it comes close, make the roux in a small frying pan (see recipe below). When the soup has boiled, add the roux, and season it with white pepper. Salt is unnecessary, since there is plenty in the Bouillon flavor.

Start by pouring the oil into the pan over a medium-low heat. Before the oil gets hot, slowly add the flower and mix with a spoon until the two blend and thicken. The roux will gradually begin to golden, and at this stage, you may add it to the soup. Most recipes say that the longer you cook it, the more flavor it adds, so you should trial some roux and find out how you like it.
Love and Happy Spatulas,