I had this delicacy at an Italian restaurant and it was good, but I think mine is better. You can control how sweet you want it to be, because this can be a lovely appetizer, or a delectable dessert.
Braised Endive Crostini
3 Endives
3 Slices of whole grain/wheat bread, you might want to buy a loaf of fresh bread instead of sandwich bread
2 Tablespoons Butter
1/2 cup water
Start by cleaning the endives, first wash them, and then cut off the ends, and if there is any browning on the tips remove it. Then cut the endives in half lengthwise.
In a large frying pan, heat 2 Tablespoons of butter until it is melted, then place the endives in a single layer on their backsides. Pour enough water to cover the bottom of the pan and put a lid on the pan and put on the lowest heat for 15-20 minutes.
After this time, remove the lid, and turn the spears over. Let the liquid reduce a bit and the spears will start to brown. At this point, you can choose whether or not you want them to cook more, they should already be tender so if you don’t want them to be too crispy than feel free to start to add honey. At this point you should just drizzle a bit of honey on both sides of each spear. Then let the honey melt into endive, and then remove from the pan. Do not clean the pan!
Place the slices of bread in the same pan where you cooked the endives, if you need to, add a little more butter. Once the slices have soaked up butter and honey flavor on one side, flip them over and let them soak up the other side. After this, remove the slices from the pan, and put the endive spears on the bread slices (two spears per slice). Then put the crostini in a toaster or oven to toast up the bread a bit.
Serve warm with freshly cracked pepper and a simple side salad (dressing recipe below image).

Honey Mustard Vinaigrette
1 Part Honey
2 Parts Dijon Mustard
3 Parts Olive Oil
1/2 Part Balsamic Vinegar
The sweetness of the honey really balances out the spicy tang of the mustard. If it’s too spicy, add more oil.
Love and Happy Spatulas!