Wild caught, fresh bay scallops were on sale along with thin asparagus, so I decided to throw together a simple linguini dish for dinner along with a salad. Serves two.

linguini – 6 oz. uncooked
10 oz. bay scallops
1 bunch asparagus
1 T olive oil
1 T butter
salt and pepper
1 t. parsley
1/4 c. white wine
Fill large pot with water, add 2 tsp. salt and bring to a boil. Scallops cook quickly, so while the water is coming to a boil, prepare all of the other ingredients. Snap off woody stems at the base of the asparagus and cut into three pieces. Salt and pepper scallops. Chop parsley. Cook the linguini according to the package directions. While the pasta is cooking, heat a large frying pan and then heat the olive oil in the pan. Add the asparagus and cook until it just starts to get tender, but is still crisp. Don’t let it get soft. Set aside and heat the pan to a high heat. Don’t start cooking the scallops until the pasta is almost done. Add the butter to the hot pan and quickly sear the scallops. Remove them from the pan. Add the wine to the pan along with some pasta water and scrape any bits off of the bottom of the pan. For some zing you can add lemon juice and/or zest either at this point or marinate the scallops in the lemon at the beginning. I didn’t do this because I’m avoiding citrus due to its acidity, but Alyssa has done this before with scallops and it was very tasty. Drain the pasta and place on a plate. Add the asparagus and scallops back into the pan and quickly re-heat. Serve the scallops and asparagus over the pasta. Pour the remaining sauce over the pasta and decorate with parsley.
Happy Cooking!