Being in college, it’s hard to budget for spices. I use many dried herbs and spices when I cook, and I’m so used to having a drawer full of them at home, that I found myself going to the store just to buy ground mustard for one recipe, and then it would sit around and spill when I knocked it over, anyway so I was getting sick of not having spices, and not having places to put spices.

This is when I discovered Purpose Design, a lovely woman in Montreal named Julie who makes magnetic spice kits and sells them on Etsy.
These are really great. I keep them on my fridge and just grab what I need. The nice thing about them is that they are wide, so it’s not hard to stick a whole tablespoon measure in there. Of course they are also small… so it’s only a few tablespoons until you have to re-stock.
What I’ve found is that it’s easier for me to want to buy spices in bulk at the grocery store, since I don’t have to figure out how to get them into those ungodly little jars they usually come in.
This is a great innovative thing for a kitchen running out of space!
Thanks Julie!
Love and Happy Spatulas,