We are a mother and daughter both born and raised in Southern California. We share a passion for food, cooking, and the best of both worlds: the food network/cooking channel. We aren’t professionals, but we have a great time. This blog started as a way for us to communicate through food from a distance: Alyssa is away at college and Peggy is at home. However, Alyssa is going to be moving back home after graduating in May, 2012, and we will see how the blog takes shape. If you would like to read the biographies that we originally posted about ourselves click Here For Peggy or Here For Alyssa.
After Alyssa moves home she is planning on attending a culinary program, most likely beginning in late 2012 or early 2013. Peggy is excited for this new development in their lives and cannot wait to try out new recipes and learn all about “professional” cooking. In the meantime, let us keep your mouth watering with some recipes, we’ve been posting for nearly three years and plan to post for many more!